Nine (9) of Lake Ontario's finest charter captains host adventurous runs to the deep waters off the Salmon River to catch salmon and trout from mid-April to mid-October.   All of these charters are docked at and depart daily from the Salmon River Lighthouse & Marina, just inside the Lake Ontario seawall at the mouth of the Salmon River.   These captains and their mates are highly experienced professional fishermen who know how to find and catch fish, and will show your party a good time in every way.  The eastern Lake Ontario basin boasts some of the best freshwater fishing in the entire world.   In April and May, “football” brown trout are the targeted bounty.   In June, July and August, big lake trout are a prized target, and through the summer months and into the fall, King (Chinook) salmon are pursued successfully.   Lake run (steelhead) rainbow trout, Atlantic salmon and Coho salmon add to the catch.  Sign up for a 4–8 hour charter, have a great time with your friends and family, and maybe bring home dinner….


To book a charter please contact the listed captain directly.

For recommendations feel free to call Abe or Kathy Ellis at 757-287-0426.