Photo Gallery
Our 1838 Lighthouse
View from "The Top"
Brand new composite slate tile roof installed in 2016.
Brand new (2015) Birch hardwood flooring in dining / kitchen area
Original 1838 plank flooring revealed and refinished in 2016.
Lighthouse master bedroom - 1st floor
Lighthouse living room - 2nd floor
Salmon River and Waterfront cottage
Charter Captain returning with the day's catch
Waterfront cottage dining area
Waterfront cottage living room
Waterfront cottage kitchen
One of Waterfront's two bedrooms
Blue cottage
Blue Cottage kitchen, dining, living room area
One of Blue's 3 bedrooms
Tan cottage
Brand new (2015) Tan cottage kitchen cabinets, stainless steel sink and countertops
Tan cottage dining and living room areas
One of Tan's 3 bedrooms
View of Lighthouse and Tan cottage from Blue cottage
Guests' private lakeshore beach with tables and umbrellas
Another fantastic Lake Ontario sunset
Brand new (2015) "north" marina floating docks for cottage renters' boats, transient boaters and gas/diesel fuel customers
Our Lighthouse being "touched" by an Angel